LED A9-H11

Professionally tailored for each vehicle, exceeding the original vehicle limit.

Mini structure beyond imagination, near perfect light structure, compatibility 99%

A9 series adopts advanced intelligent temperature control chip to ensure immortal lamps at critical moment.

Product parameters




Color temperature:white(6000k)

Beam angle:360°

Working temperature:-40 ℃~+85 ℃

Single beam model :H4、H13、9004、9007

Hight beam model:H1、H3、H7、H8/H9/H10、


No replacement of the dust cover of the original car

Truly lossless replacement, installation is more compact.

A9 LED car headlights


Contrastive Market Small volume of products 20%

Other brands LED car headlights

Ingenious heat dissipation system, balanced temperature and safety.

A linear light source with high thermal conductivity, no glare and stable color temperature is adopted.
Using the most stable vehicle level light source in the industry, mini body is promising.

Indifference color temperature presentation at instantaneous start

With mini structure design and better built-in constant current decoding driver, perfect solution is achieved.
Chromatic aberration caused by current instability;

Use of custom grade high
density plastic synthesis for clasp

It is made of precision assembly, with versatility as high as 99%. In different environments, use freely and stop loosening! Ensure safety!

Main material material
Aeronautical aluminum alloy with custom grade

The whole product has excellent adaptability, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, anti oxidation, corrosion resistance and so on, so that the lamp can keep a lasting and eternal core in different environment.

Make the temperature more controllable and make the installation more convenient!

The integrated fan speed can reach 8000 rpm, because the more reasonable compact design,
So that we ensure that the temperature is also suitable for the market 99% of the models!

Intelligent cooling chip strictly controls temperature and ensures safety.

Whether you start or drive, the headlights are always stable.
Lasting! Bright work!

Light contrast

All products have patents and have been internationally certified. The quality is tempered,
Products crafted, provide users with an unparalleled experience!

Measured light type 1

  • Near light real picture
  • Far light real picture

Measured light type 2

  • Near light real picture
  • Far light real picture
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