Professional customizing respect your every choice

Precise light type, not glare, care for others to protect themselves, for you to escort on your way home

The T6 series adopts domestic advanced frequency switching technology to ensure that the color temperature on both sides of each switch is consistent.


Product parameters




Color temperature:Double color(3000k & 6000k)

Beam angle:360°

Operating temperature:-40 ℃~+80 ℃

Single lamp model:H4、H13、9004、9007

Double lamp model:H1、H3、H7、H8/H9/H10、


No need to replace the original car dust cover

Really non-destructive replacement, installation is more compact

T6 Special LED Car Headlight


Compare with other big drivers our product uses invisible built-in drivers

Other brands of LED car headlights

36,000 square millimeters featured thermal design

T6 LED uses high thermal conductivity, solar heat dissipation design, no glare, flicker-free custom linear light source,
Using the industry's most stable CSP chip-level package, the overall safety and reliability.

Strict structure determines adaptation to the environment

Adopts the latest overall packaging technology, waterproofing with IP68 is more lasting and stable, perfectly solved
Security issues in different environments;

Cooling System Use
Aviation grade high thermal conductivity alloy

Integral die-casting, seamless joint between components, while ensuring good thermal conductivity while taking into account the waterproof performance.

The body material adopts
Custom grade aviation aluminum alloy

Makes the entire product main system has the excellent characteristics of shock resistance, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and so on, so that the car lights in all kinds of harsh conditions, to maintain the desired luminous effect!

Built-in cross-flow drive smaller volume and greater breakthrough

The traditional drive is large and not suitable for placement and installation. The built-in drive design is more compact and easier to install.
Fits 70% of the special cars on the market!

Sun flower cooling design is both artistic and practical

The design incorporates aesthetics, incorporates engineering, maintains a beautiful appearance, and maintains a practical concept!

Light contrast

All products are patented and internationally certified. Quality is perfect,
Product crafted to provide users with an unparalleled experience!

Measured light type 1

  • Near real shot map
  • Far light real shot map

Measured light type 2

  • Near real shot map
  • Far light real shot map
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